Chapter 2017: Goodbye and Hello 2018

YEAR 2017 Oh look its my blog! After 9 whole months of blogging hiatus. Not that I've forgotten about my blog (not any fat chance that I will) - its just how things have gotten so busy for me this entire year and it's getting really hard to find a proper time to sit down and pen a post. I've been up to so many things and with the year-end approaching in eight days (can you believe I actually took more than a week to finish up this post) yesterday, I wanted to keep a log of all my milestones / things I've been up to this entire year (just so I can tell myself that I haven't wasted any of my youth in vain hahaha).

Turned 25 a couple of months ago, and the so called #quarterlifecrisis is real as ever. It's like, didn't I just celebrated my 21st and graduated from university not too long ago?? I can no longer say that I'm in my early twenties (an unfriendly hello to mid and maybe even late twenties soon) AND even my BFF is married. You can now hear my deep, audible sigh of sadness.

I have come to an acceptance now.

So let's talk about things one at a time. (This is going to be a super long winded one-year summary of my life and you are in for a ride because writing summaries are not exactly the best of my strengths haha)


I would say this year has been off from a rocky start. The whole economy was in a really bad shape from the beginning of the year. Quite a handful of my friends lost their jobs (hello, we're talking about being retrenched at the age of 20s). And at the same point of time, I tendered my resignation to my boss as well because things wasn't quite working out for me. Let me tell you it was so darn hard to get any job interview. I trawled through hundreds of job postings on Jobsbank, Jobstreet, and even sent my CV directly to a few companies but yet no one rang me up. (I'm in the events line if you are wondering).

It was a really difficult period - I was already serving my notice period and yet I haven't secured my next job. It spells unemployment and hey, bills are not going to pay for themselves you know. Eventually, I decided that I might as well venture out on my own and give my very best.

It was in March that I started out my own events company "Petite Events" - the very reason why I stopped blogging that month - and slogged day and night behind my desk to make sure I'll survive out there on my own. Somehow and somewhat, I made it through event after event, month after month, and I even have a little office space of my own. *proud grin* I really, really, can't be more thankful and proud of myself for all the events I have delivered over the last nine months.

I have also come to realise that being employed and being self-employed is two vastly different things. For example, let's put it into context:

One of the most common comments I get when chatting with others is: "waaa,.. that means you don't have to wake up at 6am every morning for work, and no stress from any boss at all."

Yes that is true, but that is only about 10% of what you see. - cue laugh cry emoji - While I do get to sleep in a little later every morning, what most people don't see is that work never, ever, ever ends. You don't get to "switch off" or "tune out of work" everyday after 6pm. Imagine a little voice at the back of your head nudging you constantly about all the things that needs to be remembered, done and completed 24/7.

And then there's the countless hours poured in after working hours in the office; how I always laugh a little when I hear Jean Danker over the radio saying she's going to accompany your drive home after work from 5pm; how I scrambled to try and find a way out of the office building at 3am because all corridor lights and servicing lifts have long been shut down; the midnight hours spent setting up events in shopping mall atriums up till 5am; the dizzy spells now and then from exhaustion; and how tough things can get at times because there is no one else but yourself to depend on in order to get things going and done.

There is 0 margin for error. (zero, nil, kosong)

Of course I don't bombard the person back with the entire essay as above lah. I'll just always reply that its a different kind of stress.


For Ed Sheeran!!!! Which is a really huge thing, because going to concerts was never a thought that crossed my mind in the past. I simply don't get the idea why would someone pay hundreds of dollars just to see a singer sing live for 2-3 hours? It's equivalent to a month's worth of food expenditure, or 42 sets of McSpicy meal from Mcdonalds, or round trip air tickets to Bangkok for a shopping spree. Whichever you resonates most with.

Now I'm that "someone".

Simply because I haven't liked a singer that much in the past. I even picked up guitar just to learn how to play his songs (hahaha). Then, I heard that he was coming to Singapore for his Asia Divide tour but guess who got stuck in Sistic's virtual waiting room forever?? Even when they released the second date for his show in Singapore, you would need probably twelve fairy god-mothers WITH all the stars aligned in your universe to get through the virtual waiting room.

Long story short, nope no tickets. And it was a stab to my heart each time I hear the radio DJs mentioning about his upcoming sold-out concert. I get about 10 to 15 stabs on a daily basis, so thank you Class 95FM.

2 days before his concert, I was doing my OT in the office when I heard that Sistic just released extra side view tickets for Ed Sheeran's concert. And you can totally imagine yours truly who sprawled  across the office to rush to my laptop. GUESS WHO GOT HER TICKETS!!

Off I went for my first ever concert by myself!


Oh this was such a tricky affair because my mum has such the tendency to say 'No' to almost everything that I propose - especially when it comes to changing out furniture in my room. Trying to get a 'Yes' takes about two months of concise thought and detailed planning, and catching her in a good mood at a good time to increase the probability of an "Let me think about it"; and another additional month of persuasion to change that to an "Okay".

In this case, I mapped out my entire room down to the very last square centimeter and even went on to do a 3D rendering of my room to 'substantiate my proposal' that this loft from Ikea can, and will fit well into my room. Lol. Yes, I really did that.

It wasn't going to fit height wise for a regular HDB room so a friend of mine actually helped me to cut off 16cm off the legs and it's just perfect! I get to walk right underneath without hitting my head on the frame, and I get to sit on the top of the loft without knocking my head on the ceiling. Turned the bottom of the loft into a full fledged nua-zone filled with lots of pillows and blankets and my life is officially completed. I can netflix and sleep at the same time.


YEAR 2017

2017 has been off to a rough start but I'm so glad that things are all falling into place now. It has been a year filled with constant changes, but it is also these very changes that made me grow as an individual; changed the way I look at certain things; and pushed my boundaries out of my comfort zone.

Here's to another year filled with milestones in 2017 and onwards to 2018!

P.S. Tomorrow's date will be 2nd Jan 2017 2018.

Hello 26.

Artistry LED Lip Gloss Review

ARTISTRY LED LIP-GLOSS The only series of lipgloss that can ever have me sitting on the edge while waiting for it to finally launch in Singapore. I AM SO EXCITED THAT I GOT ALL 5 COLORS. (Okay now give me a minute to recompose myself a little before I go on..) So you girls probably know that I have slowly switched my entire skincare + makeup products over to Artistry over the last 1-2 years - they are sooo good because all my little pimples on my face that I can never get rid off in the past (you know, from all the countless nights of staying up to mug for exams, poor sleep and diet etc,) have all cleared up. That's why I'm switch my products over to the brand Artistry ever since.

But that's not the main point of this post. The main point is this series of LED lipglosses. What happened was that I have actually chanced upon them while surfing youtube + watching Miss America's show some time ago, and the only place I could find these LED lipglosses were in United States. (well actually they were launched in many countries already but the only place I could find with international shipping was US)

So obviously, the overly infatuated me placed an order to ship them over to Singapore. I waited eagerly for two days before receiving news that it couldn't be shipped all because it contains battery. (Now, please hear the sound of my devastated heart breaking into a million pieces.) I was so upset - it's a girly thing so guys please try to understand.

Few months down the road, I eventually got to hear the news that Artistry is launching them in Singapore this month and I WAS SUPER EXCITED! Like mega duper excited about it. The only thing I'm sad about is because they are going to be limited edition. Once it's sold out in Singapore it will no longer be available. (what if I finished mine??)

So you girls are probably thinking what's so special about it. I mean, JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURE ABOVE. Where else can you find a lipgloss that lights up when you apply... (how cool that will be to apply it in the cab.. in the pub.. in the movie theatre.. in dim places..)

(okay, I know it's a novelty thingy but I just can't help it ok...)

Plus it comes with a mirror on it (plus point again) so I wouldn't even need to fumble for a mirror from the assortment of things that's always in my handbag. 

The minute I got them on my hands I knew I have to blog about them.. because good things (not to mention limited-edition) are always worth a review and a share.

The color that I'm applying above is Citrus color. Among my 5 lipglosses, I played with 3 of them first to create different looks and here's how pretty they look like when applied:

My favourite one of the lot has still be the cherry red color. In my opinion red lips can be a little tricky to pull them off at times - some colors may be too dark, too intense, or overly striking - and we need to balance the eye makeup to perfect the look. But this cherry red color was just right! Bright enough without being too intense, and I find this color quite versatile for both a day and a night look.

Across this range of Artistry LED lipglosses, it gives a cool minty sensation when applied (there's mint in its flavor), and its very moisturising with a super glossy finish - that I really love because glossy lips looks even more pretty especially at night.

Color swatch of the lipglosses

Together with the eyeshadow palette that was lunched with this collection!

I like it so much!

This range of Artistry LED Lipgloss are not found on the shelves, and are only available through Amway Independent Business Owners.

Travelogue | Underwater in Cebu

Photography by KennyKCSim
CEBU WATERS  Hola! It's the start of a brand new week today and I'm continuing on my Cebu and Bohol travelogue! (This is my second post and you can read up about my first one here) While our first day had all been getting about and touring the city of Cebu, we spent our second day getting out in the sun.. going island-hopping!!! 

We set off around 6am in the morning, where our guide drove us to Boyla Dive Shop to grab our snorkeling gears first before embarking on our adventure across the sea! With Philippines made up of 7107 islands... (ah.. a little too spoilt for choice) we settled with two out of the countless many. Up on the plan now is snorkeling at Hilotongnan Island and lunch on Nalusuan Island.

Photograph by KennyKCSim


Photograph by KennyKCSim

Snorkeling at Hilotongnan Island is my third try at snorkeling. Back then, I had my first snorkel experience in Tioman where I was greeted by a bunch of colorful marine fishes underwater. Naively, I had high expectations towards my second snorkel when I went to Boracay.... only to be soooo devasted. You must be thinking why, right? So let me tell you... the boatman whom we paid to bring us out, dropped us at a snorkeling site to swim with no more than.... ten fishes underwater. I was so disappointed!

When it came to Hilotongnan Island this time round... YES THERE WERE FISHES UNDERWATER!!! There's even a friendly diver down under who waved back at us. Now this, is definitely way better than my previous Boracay snorkel.. Off I went back up the boat again, grabbed my phone, and jumped back in with a leap of faith (that my phone wouldn't drown in water.. it should be waterproof) Look at the pictures from my phone!

Huge bunch of fishes right below our boat. As the currents were pretty strong, we decided to get out of the water and head next to Nalusuan Island for lunch.


(Photograph by KennyKCSIM)

Nalusuan Island is every kind of beautiful! I love the super long jetty walkway and all of us were just stopping every few steps to for photos hahaha. I bet we took at least twenty minutes before we finally made it to the other end for lunch. If you are island hopping in Cebu, this is THE island you HAVE to visit. Other than yummy local barbecued food, we found that it has another gorgeous beach right next to the place we dined.. (great for photos again!) with lots of little marine fishes in the shallow waters. If I am back to Cebu, I'll be sure to come back to Nalusuan Island again. 

(Photograph by KennyKCSIM)
(Photograph by KennyKCSIM)
(Photograph by YapMeng)

Getting late into the night right now so I'm getting off my desktop! 

If you'd like to read more, the rest of my awesome trip buddies are also blogging about our Cebu and Bohol Getaway right (here) so go check it out!


This trip is made possible with special thanks and heartfelt appreciation to 
Omy Singapore, Philippines Department of Tourism, and SilkAir.



•  Boyla Dive Shop  
Boat Rental from 9am to 3pm: P3,500
Snorkeling Masks / Fins: P300 per person
Entrance Fee to Nalusuan Island: P200 per person
• Lunch on Nalusuan Island: P550 per person